Continuity and Experience

Our Team

Alder Capital's quantitative approach to investment management is reflected in both the experience of the team and the roles they fulfil. The team is structured upon functional lines to ensure that the investment strategy is implemented in a robust manner and resources are continually available for the further development of the approach.

Patrick Hogarty

IT Executive - Patrick joined the company in June 2001.

Patrick has promoted Alder Capital’s target-risk currency and equity funds to life insurance companies, international banks, pension funds, and asset management firms in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Prior to this, Patrick was Head of Trade Execution, developing and maintaining key market relationships with the world’s largest financial institutions.

Patrick also designs and develops many of Alder’s operational systems. Automating many key areas of the firm’s business, integrating Alder Capital’s systems with the systems of third party vendors and financial institutions.

Patrick graduated from Trinity College Dublin with an honours degree in Computer Science and recently completed a postgraduate diploma in International Sales through the Dublin Institute of Technology.