Continuity and Experience

Our Team

Alder Capital's quantitative approach to investment management is reflected in both the experience of the team and the roles they fulfil. The team is structured upon functional lines to ensure that the investment strategy is implemented in a robust manner and resources are continually available for the further development of the approach.

Garrett Hickey

Head of Trading - Garrett is Head of Trading at Alder Capital, having joined the company in July 2015.

Garrett is responsible for the management of our trading and liquidity requirements, ensuring we have ample liquidity to effectively execute all transactions from our models, whilst adhering to our Best Execution policy.

He also sits on Alder’s Investment Committee, where, amongst other things, he is involved in the review, evaluation and approval of investment projects.

He has extensive knowledge of the financial markets, with over 20 years’ experience successfully trading currencies, commodities, equities and interest rate futures.

Garrett has previously held senior trading positions at European banks in both London and Dublin, and also successfully traded his own account, having developed a profitable technical-based signal generator.

Garrett holds a B. Sc. (Hons) Comp. Sc. from the University of Greenwich, London, and has passed the Series 3 examination of the National Futures Association.