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Alder Capital's Customised Solutions

  • Currencies
  • Equities - European & US
  • Volatility Forecasting
  • Risk Management
  • Meeting ESMA, PRIIPS and IORP II requirements
  • Constant-Volatility Programs
  • Overlay in both Equity and Currency Markets
  • Risk Factor Overlay
  • Trading Futures, Spot and OTC
  • Multi-Asset Solutions
  • CTA (Commodity Trading Adviser)

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The investment process is designed to deliver an attractive risk-adjusted return stream across a number of different products. All products are managed using a proprietary risk-forecasting approach. The implementation of this unique approach is expected to provide returns that are attractive to investors seeking uncorrelated returns and/or a risk targeted investment solution.

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Past performance, correlation and risk reduction may not be a reliable guide to future performance, correlation and risk reduction.

Returns have not been achieved without risk of loss. The tables on the performance documents gives some indication of the volatility of return from month-to-month but are not a guarantee as to the size of losses; losses may exceed those shown in the tables.

The AG20 Programme use leverage; where Alder Capital manages a managed account for an investor, the investor may lose not only the amount originally invested or deposited, but significant amounts in excess of the amount originally invested or deposited. Managed accounts may be subject to sudden and large falls in value.

Adverse changes in liquidity in the over-the-counter foreign exchange and futures markets may make it difficult or impossible to prevent losses or realise gains on transactions and to obtain reliable position valuation information and thereby manage the risk of positions in these markets.


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Investment management contracts with Alder Capital are not covered by any investor compensation schemes.

The information on this website does not constitute investment, accounting, credit, taxation, regulatory or legal advice. It does not take into account the investment objectives, financial position or particular needs of any particular investor. Before making an investment decision, you should consult suitably qualified and independent investment, taxation, accounting, legal and regulatory advisors to discuss your specific situation and investment objectives before proceeding. Trading strategies and financial instruments discussed in this website are not suitable for all investors.

Further Information

Alder Capital’s Disclosure Document provides an understanding of the risks & significant elements of Alder Capital’s trading strategies, further details of past performance and the definition of terms used to state past performance. To request a copy, or an opportunity to discuss Alder Capital’s investment strategies, please contact us