Continuity and Experience

Our Team

Alder Capital's quantitative approach to investment management is reflected in both the experience of the team and the roles they fulfil. The team is structured upon functional lines to ensure that the investment strategy is implemented in a robust manner and resources are continually available for the further development of the approach.

Mark Caslin

Managing Director - Mark founded Alder Capital in 2000. As Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment officer, Mark’s responsibilities include the efficient running of the company and leading a highly talented research team with a target to provide robust solutions that match investors’ needs.

Mark has over 24 years’ experience researching, developing and operating quantitative investment models. He honed his skills as General Manager and Head of Research at Beacon Systems Limited, before taking over the systematic trading processes of sister company Gaiacorp.

Mark brought this expertise to bear when he set out to spearhead his own new investment models. He founded Alder Capital in 2000 and has sat at the helm ever since. He is both an Entrance Exhibitioner and a Scholar of Trinity College Dublin from which he holds a B.A. Mod. in Mathematical Sciences.